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Homework/ Projects/ Assignments

First Trimester 2017-2018

9/8-17 Return lab safety contract signed by Tuesday (9/12/17)
9/11  Lab sketch- include the following with labels and colors appropriate ( fire blanket, fire extinguisher, 3 emergency stop buttons, emergency shower/ eye wash station, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, 7 sinks/ gas valves, 3 soap dispensers/ paper towel holder, goggles
9/13- Lab Safety Assessment- Monday 9/18 (study lab safety contract, lab sketch, pre-assessment, sketches of equipment)
9/14- Measuring Homework due tomorrow- use google classroom (Choose 2 items to measure any 5 ways that you would like. Be sure to include units. You might choose standard units of measure, metric units or a non- standard units like paperclips or frogs...be creative!)
9/25  Letter to Mary (claim and evidence) due Wednesday 9/27- use google classroom
9/28- Intro "Dino Drop" Engineering and Design Challenge- bring in materials if needed for Friday
10/4 Assigned current events
10/5- Measuring temperature ws- due Tuesday- found on my documents page, under "matter and energy"
10/10  Finish "Molecules on the Move" ws- due tomorrow
10/12- Mixing Water Lab- Conclusion (all 3 parts) due tomorrow
10/16 Graph results from cooler lab- x- axis (time), y-axis (temp degrees celsius) 
10/20- classwork: graphic organizer on conduction, convection and radiation- finish for homework
10/24- procedure and analysis from today's "Heat transfer" lab
10/25- finish graphic organizer on potential/kinetic energy (use US Energy kids page on my useful links page) 
10/27- Thermometer assessment- Monday 10/30
11/6- Due Wednesday - " Home draft buster activity
11/8- TEST Friday 11/17- Matter and Energy- study guide on google classroom
11/13- Current Event #2 Due 12/8- This is a second trimester grade.
Rubric on google classroom- criteria on my documents page, under year long resources.  Must include vocabulary and significance!
Current Event Due Dates:  Dates subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances

First Trimester - November 3, 2017   DONE

Second Trimester-  December 8, 2017

Third Trimester-  May 4, 2018


Block A- group 1  (Ben, Aram, Michael and Reid)

                 group 2 (Gracie, Julie, Skyla and Kayla)

Block B- David, Austin, John and Liam

Block D- Zach, Noelle, Dominic, Drake, Tyler, Andrew and Tucker

Block E-  Tegan, Carrigan, Tori and Fiona

Grade level winners- Ben, Aram, Michael and Reid

QUIZLET- Check out these quizlets
    Lab Safety- https://quizlet.com/_3phyzi

    Chemistry Shapleigh 7
    Science Elements Shapleigh 7  - the whole list

    Science Elements Shapleigh 7- the modified 10  only