Homework and Announcements

Homework/ Projects/ Assignments

I will do my best to update this page but please see google classroom for details.

Third Trimester 

4/1- At home lab- Due 6/3 ( see Google classroom for details)
4/2- Current event posted on google classroom
4/3- Climate change reading 1- due Monday 4/8- see google classroom
4/5- Chem test 2 interventions/ reassessment by 4/22/19- see google classroom for details
4/22 Carbon cycle model due- 2/26 (see google classroom)
         Layers of the Atmosphere quiz - 2/26
4/29- Climate Change Reading 3- Due Thursday- see google classroom.
5/10- CC#5 due Wednesday- see google classroom

Second Trimester
12/11- 16-20 oz empty plastic bottle for Monday
             Work on vocab slide show and study!
             Lab day tomorrow- need materials and plan completed before class
            Finish mixtures graphic organizer
12/17- Materials for insulated bottle
1/16-  Counting atoms ws- found on my documents page (page 2 only)
Study for vocal assessment
1/18- Test next Thursday 1/24- Mixtures, solutions, compounds and elements- see google classroom for study guide
1/21- Vocab Slide show due 2/4
2/4- Vocab assessment 2 - Friday 2/8
    Chem test 1- E block 2/8
2/11- Chemistry Test 1 - interventions (see google classroom)- 
Due 2/25/19
3/1- quiz next week 3/8 -on 20 most common elements (names/ symbols
12.1 structure of an atom ws- found on google classroom- due Monday

1st Trimester:
9/11   Lab Safety Contract- due 9/17 signed!
9/12- Lab safety assessment- Monday 9/17
9/17- Measuring Homework- see google classroom (due tomorrow)
9/25- Letter to Mary telling her how to fix her clock (claim and evidence)-          due Thursday (see google classroom)
9/28- Dino Drop- need materials for Monday
10/9-  Molecules on the move ws due tomorrow- use the following
    Energy Heats Maine website (teacher zone, lesson 2, online extensions
(particles in action and three states of matter)
    Website- Nova, states of matter
10/15- Graph on Cooler Lab due tomorrow (x-axis time, y-axis temperature)
10/25- thermometer reassessments/ project due by next Friday 11/2
10/25  Popcorn and Fire- due tomorrow  (see google classroom)
11/1- Assigned consumer fuel project- due Monday 11/5- see google classroom for criteria and rubric
11/5- At home draft buster activity
11/6-  finish web quest- see google classroom
12/3 Work on slide show
12/6 Graphic organizer on mixtures- slide show
Current Event Due Dates:  Dates subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances

First Trimester -  Thursday 11/29

Second Trimester-  Thursday 2/7 - Date change due to MFA field trip- new date Thursday 2/14

Third Trimester-  Thursday 5/2

Chemistry Vocabulary:

1. Physical Property

2. Physical Change

3. Chemical Change/ Reaction

4. Chemical Property

5. Flammability

6. Mixture

7. Heterogeneous mixture

8. Homogeneous mixture

9. Colloid

10. Solution

11. solute

12. solvent

13. alloy

14. Solubility

15. pure substance

16. element

17. atom

18. chemical symbol

19. compound

20. molecule

21.chemical formula

22. chemical equation

23. subscript

24. coefficient

25. proton



QUIZLET- Check out these quizlets
    Lab Safety- https://quizlet.com/_3phyzi

    Science Elements Shapleigh 7 https://quizlet.com/_1wmx25

    Science Elements Shapleigh 7- the modified 10  only https://quizlet.com/_35xps6