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Homework/ Projects/ Assignments

Third Trimester- 
4/4- Chemistry Test  next Wednesday 4/11 (study guide on google classroom)
        Last current event due 5/4
4/26- Climate Change Reading #1 due tomorrow (see google docs and the article on my docs page)
Current Event- due next Friday (5/4)
4/30- Introduced "At Home Inquiry Lab"- due June 1st
see google classroom for rubrics and criteria.
inquiry write up, oral presentation and visual display due
5/1- Homework- on google classroom, video questions
5/9/18- Climate change reading 3- due 5/14  see google classroom
5/14- Carbon cycle model- classwork- due Tuesday 5/15
5/29- Introduced Carbon footprint assessment- class work!
Due- Thursday by 2:05 for all blocks 

Second Trimester- 2017-2018
12/5  Famous Scientist Slide show- Due 12/14- see google classroom for rubric and criteria
    Trimester reflection-  due tomorrow- see google classroom
    Materials needed by the end of the week- 1 plastic bottle (16-20 oz), 2 gallon sized             resealable bags

Please contact Nelsa Sumsion who has been hired as my long term substitute if you have any questions or concerns while I am on leave. She can be reached at nsumsion@kitteryschools.com.
Mrs. Gagnon

First Trimester 2017-2018

9/8-17 Return lab safety contract signed by Tuesday (9/12/17)
9/11  Lab sketch- include the following with labels and colors appropriate ( fire blanket, fire extinguisher, 3 emergency stop buttons, emergency shower/ eye wash station, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, 7 sinks/ gas valves, 3 soap dispensers/ paper towel holder, goggles
9/13- Lab Safety Assessment- Monday 9/18 (study lab safety contract, lab sketch, pre-assessment, sketches of equipment)
9/14- Measuring Homework due tomorrow- use google classroom (Choose 2 items to measure any 5 ways that you would like. Be sure to include units. You might choose standard units of measure, metric units or a non- standard units like paperclips or frogs...be creative!)
9/25  Letter to Mary (claim and evidence) due Wednesday 9/27- use google classroom
9/28- Intro "Dino Drop" Engineering and Design Challenge- bring in materials if needed for Friday
10/4 Assigned current events
10/5- Measuring temperature ws- due Tuesday- found on my documents page, under "matter and energy"
10/10  Finish "Molecules on the Move" ws- due tomorrow
10/12- Mixing Water Lab- Conclusion (all 3 parts) due tomorrow
10/16 Graph results from cooler lab- x- axis (time), y-axis (temp degrees celsius) 
10/20- classwork: graphic organizer on conduction, convection and radiation- finish for homework
10/24- procedure and analysis from today's "Heat transfer" lab
10/25- finish graphic organizer on potential/kinetic energy (use US Energy kids page on my useful links page) 
10/27- Thermometer assessment- Monday 10/30
11/6- Due Wednesday - " Home draft buster activity
11/8- TEST Friday 11/17- Matter and Energy- study guide on google classroom
11/13- Current Event #2 Due 12/8- This is a second trimester grade.
Rubric on google classroom- criteria on my documents page, under year long resources.  Must include vocabulary and significance!
11/30  Phase change assignment- see google classroom

Current Event Due Dates:  Dates subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances

First Trimester - November 3, 2017   DONE

Second Trimester-  December 8, 2017  DONE

Third Trimester-  May 4, 2018  DONE


Block A- group 1  (Ben, Aram, Michael and Reid)

                 group 2 (Gracie, Julie, Skyla and Kayla)

Block B- David, Austin, John and Liam

Block D- Zach, Noelle, Dominic, Drake, Tyler, Andrew and Tucker

Block E-  Tegan, Carrigan, Tori and Fiona

Grade level winners- Ben, Aram, Michael and Reid


1. Chemical Property                                        13. Solubility

2. Chemical Change/ reaction                        13. Pure Substance

3. Flammability                                                 14. Element

4. Physical Property                                         15. Atom

5. Mixture                                                           16. Chemical Symbol  

6. Heterogenous mixture                                 17. Compound

7. Homogeneous mixture                                18.  Molecule

8. Colloids                                                           19. Chemical formula   

9. Solution                                                           20. Subscript  

10. Solute                                                             21. Chemical Equation

11. Solvent                                                           22. Coefficient   

12. Alloy                                                               23. Proton

                                                                               24. Neutron

                                                                               25. Electron                                                  


QUIZLET- Check out these quizlets
    Lab Safety- https://quizlet.com/_3phyzi

    Chemistry Shapleigh 7
    Science Elements Shapleigh 7  - the whole list

    Science Elements Shapleigh 7- the modified 10  only