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Homework/ Projects/ Assignments

I will do my best to update this page but please see google classroom for details.
1st Trimester:

9/11   Lab Safety Contract- due 9/17 signed!
9/12- Lab safety assessment- Monday 9/17
9/17- Measuring Homework- see google classroom (due tomorrow)
9/25- Letter to Mary telling her how to fix her clock (claim and evidence)-          due Thursday (see google classroom)
9/28- Dino Drop- need materials for Monday
10/9-  Molecules on the move ws due tomorrow- use the following
    Energy Heats Maine website (teacher zone, lesson 2, online extensions
(particles in action and three states of matter)
    Website- Nova, states of matter
10/15- Graph on Cooler Lab due tomorrow (x-axis time, y-axis temperature)
10/25- thermometer reassessments/ project due by next Friday 11/2
10/25  Popcorn and Fire- due tomorrow  (see google classroom)
11/1- Assigned consumer fuel project- due Monday 11/5- see google classroom for criteria and rubric
11/5- At home draft buster activity
11/6-  finish web quest- see google classroom
Current Event Due Dates:  Dates subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances

First Trimester -  Thursday 11/29

Second Trimester-  Thursday 2/7

Third Trimester-  Thursday 5/2

QUIZLET- Check out these quizlets
    Lab Safety- https://quizlet.com/_3phyzi

    Chemistry Shapleigh 7
    Science Elements Shapleigh 7  - the whole list

    Science Elements Shapleigh 7- the modified 10  only